Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anti-Christian claims

Some time during the latter part of July I met a man on paltalk that seemed to be basing his knowledge of Christianity on some nonhistory book that was greatly flawed.

Here are some of his claims and my responses:

Claim:Nicea believed Christ only saves men (males) since the Creed states "for us MEN and our salvation"

Answer: This is an English problem since "men" in English used to mean humans, people that were both male and female, not exclusively male since the language is traditionally male dominant.

In Greek, the language the Creed was written in does not states "male/men" rather it states humans:

Τὸν δι ἡμᾶς τοὺς ἀνθρώπους καὶ διὰ τὴν ἡμετέραν σωτηρίαν κατελθόντα ἐκ τῶν οὐρανῶν καὶ σαρκωθέντα ἐκ Πνεύματος Ἁγίου καὶ Μαρίας τῆς Παρθένου καὶ ἐνανθρωπήσαντα.

ἀνθρώπους meaning "human."

Strong's says: From 435 and ὤψ ōps (the countenance; from 3700 ; manfaced, that is, a human being: - certain, man.

Thayer's says: 1) a human being, whether male or female

this is likewise true with the Latin text of the Creed

Here is some notes of other things he babbeled about:

858 woma souls, constantine, aliens, nephilim kill mother, sarah feared watchers holy ones birth, mandrake not plnt that kills myth

His claims were based on Jewish Apocryphal writings which no group accepts as Holy Scriptures

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