Friday, September 28, 2012

Ambrose, Limited Atonement, Owens

I was in a facebook debate group between Catholics and Protestants, a Protestant brought up the following quote:

“If thou believe not, Christ did not descend for thee, he did not suffer for thee.”

I asked for the source, and it was the same source that all the google results showed, which were all traced by to John Owen, who COMPLETELY miscites Ambrose, pointing you to the completely wrong works, in fact if you were to read the works he cites, you will see God willing all men to be saved.

After hours of work, I found out all the work was ALREADY done by

If context of the quote is:

27. Great, therefore, is the mystery of Christ, before which even angels stood amazed and bewildered. For this cause, then, it is your duty to worship Him, and, being a servant, you ought not to detract from your Lord. Ignorance you may not plead, for to this end He came down, that you may believe; if you believe not, He has not come down for you, has not suffered for you. "If I had not come," says the Scripture, "and spoken with them, they would have no sin: but now have they no excuse for their sin. He that hates Me, hates My Father also." John 15:22-23 Who, then, hates Christ, if not he who speaks to His dishonour?— for as it is love's part to render, so it is hate's to withdraw honour. He who hates, calls in question; he who loves, pays reverence.--St Ambrose, Book 4, chapter 2, paragraph 27

Notice “If thou believe not, Christ did not descend for thee, he did not suffer for thee.” make sense if you read the next sentence:"If I had not come," says the Scripture, "and spoken with them, they would have no sin: but now have they no excuse for their sin. He that hates Me, hates My Father also."



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Youtube Video on Psalm 69 & Virgin Mary

I posted this youtube video today

I refute the claims of Matt Slick the owner of the anti-Catholic site

His usage of Psalm 69 demonstrates the liklihood that Matt is unfamiliar with the Jewish methods of interpretation used by the New Testament.

The sound quality is bad at point, and screechs a few times, so watch out.

BTW, if you want check how bad Matt Slick is theologically, look at his pages on masturbation, birth control/contraception, and oral sex--his positions may shock/ disgust you. This is what happens when you hold to Sola Scriptura and leave yourself as the ultimate authority (that is they say Scripture is the ultimate authority, but ultimately its their own interpretation/spin on what the Bible says).

Saturday, September 1, 2012

On David Wilkerson and his (false) prophecies

This is my commentary as I watched the now deceased David Wilkerson deliever a long winded "sermon" on the future as he pretends to be a prophet.

Anyway, he is no prophet, much of the things he speaks of were simply TAKEN from what the bible said WOULD happened, or saying things that happen from time to time would happen soon (earthquakes, famines, recessions). Or he would look at things that were already happening in the culture as far as morals and making a REASONABLE conclusion on what would happen (though it did not quite go as far as naked churches being a norm in places). Anyway, he just used the same "techniques" you average charloton would use to appear to be psychic, and of course people gobble it right up, except this time it is "fundamentalist" Protestant Christian sects.  The funny part I find, Wilkerson had no issue calling Christianity a religion throughout the video, yet his modern followers find such a title appauling.  Any, the following is my comments as I was asked to watch the video.

Been 40 years....and much of this stuff hasn't happened, at the end he insists all this stuff will happen within THAT generation, yet much did not.

germany didnt start any recession, famine world wide in China and Russia???, much of the rest can be said of every generation....other stuff is based on things already happening, There were already pushes by Protestants for a Catholic union long before this look at Philip Schaff, Catholicism condemned synecretism no Protestant union unless they convert. Most of the Vision was just loosely based on what the Bible already says. Homosexuals are disordered, no lesbian ministers

CCC says devil is real

much of this stuff about the "church" never happened, at least at large, no superchurch does these

two superchurches

charasmatics already existed and still do, most pentecostal tongue talkers are frauds, regardless Pope John Paul II accepted them see

come out of her...reminds me of the JW about their coming out of Christian groups.

Church still dont controll the FCC< they did control the media thru the government before 1973, the leader of this was a presbyterian deacon see Hays

Hollywood always had dirty shows and porn, even in the 20s, the Hays code started to get rid of that, but that was already going away by the time of Wilkerson

Many chrisitans mock Billy Graham as a compromiser, yet this preacher seemed to think he was great.

churches arent taxed still, this will cause a debate over what 501c3 is...

hate christ club? I am not aware of those, the closest to those are Gay Clubs, but they typical try to make Jesus gay friendly.

Wilkerson seems to be calling Christianity a RELIGION.

Where was this mass revival in Russia? The closest to a mass revival was a conversion back to Russian Orthodoxy, not your Protestant sects, but even the Russians to this day are hardly as religious as before the Czar fell.

Many of these "prophecies"were not fulfilled in this generation, despite this preacher insisting so, undoubtedly most fundamentalist will ignore this, not wanting their hero to be exposed as a fraud with his own words.

The worst gossipers are other Christians, yet he gives the impression non Chrisitans will take down preachers. many preachers were taken down by the media....and their "gossip" turned out to be true by the admission of the preachers taken down, be they Catholic or Protestant. Look at Jimmy Swaggert, Haggard, and other televangelists

UPDATE: Wilkerson fans explain much of his prophecy did not occur ONLY because he died in a car accident 2011--as if the Holy Spirit did not see that coming! Unfortunately, if a person is a prophet they should see this or be given some indication that "these things would happen" AFTER he died.