Monday, December 24, 2012

Southern Baptists DID prohibit Alcohol drinking

Some paltalk baptists insisted the Southern Baptist Convention does not forbid drinking, but only drunkeness, but what does the SBC REALLY say?

RESOLVED, That we, the members of the Southern Baptist Convention, reassert our truceless and uncompromising hostility to the manufacture, sale, importation and transportation, of alcoholic beverages in any and all their forms. We regard the policy of issuing government licenses for the purpose of carrying on the liquor traffic as a sin against God and a dishonor to our people. We furthermore announce it as our conviction that we should by all legitimate means oppose the liquor traffic in municipality, county, State, and nation.

Furthermore, we announce it as the sense of this body that no person should be retained in the fellowship of a Baptist church who engages in the manufacture or sale of alcoholic liquors, either at wholesale or retail, who invests his money in the manufacture or sale of alcoholic liquors, or who rents his property to be used for distilleries, wholesale liquor houses, or saloons. Nor do we believe that any church should retain in its fellowship any member who drinks intoxicating liquors as a beverage, or visits saloons or drinking places for the purpose of such indulgence.--May 1896,  SBC Resolutions

WHEREAS, The liquor interests of the country of all classes are in sympathy with each other, and have made and are making such combinations as they deem most potent for their success, it becomes a necessity for the lovers of morals, good society, religion and peace, not only to give expression of their opinion, but to co-operate as far as possible, not only to check this dangerous element in our land, but to prohibit its manufacture and use as a beverage; therefore,

RESOLVED, That as representatives of the great Baptist brotherhood of the South in convention assembled, we do solemnly protest against the manufacture and sale of ardent spirits as a beverage, and will use our influence in every proper and legitimate way for its suppression and prohibition.--May 1887,
WHEREAS, We learn that the American Anti-Saloon League is considering the launching of a movement for national prohibition of the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors;
RESOLVED, That we, the Southern Baptist Convention, in annual session assembled in the city of Saint Louis, heartily and unhesitatingly endorse the proposed movement, and hereby pledge to the movement our full support at such times as the League may think wise and best to inaugurate it.--Resolution, 1913 - St. Louis, Missouri
RESOLVED, That in view of the world-wide interest at the present time in the cause of Temperance and the growing volume of public opinion in India against the use of intoxicants and drugs like opium and morphine, the consumption of which is alarmingly growing and thus is a serious menace to the physical health, and moral and spiritual well-being of the three hundred fifteen millions of people of India, the Southern Baptist Convention, representing three million white Baptists of America, in its annual session held in Washington, D.C., May 12 to 17, 1920, earnestly requests the Government of India to prohibit the import, manufacture and sale of alcoholic liquors and drugs--particularly prohibition of the cultivation of poppy and manufacture and sale of opium in India for other than medical purposes. --Resolution On Drugs 1920 - Washington, D.C.
Fourth, That we brand as false the insinuation in the Houston press that there is a sentiment in this Convention in favor of beer and wine.--Houston, Texas - 1926. Resolution On Government
The Committee is instructed to inform our President that we deplore the return of the legalized sale of beer and wine and that we would regard the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment as a calamity to our nation. We believe that Prohibition at its worst is better than the legalized sale of intoxicating liquor for beverage purposes at its best. We earnestly request President Roosevelt to refrain from active participation in the movement to repeal the Eighteenth Amendment. The Committee is further authorized to assure our noble President of our most earnest prayer to Almighty God for his blessing upon the Chief Executive and his advisers and upon the Congress.
 (c) That we deeply regret and earnestly deplore the fact that the President has used the influence and power of his office for the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution, and, pending efforts for repeal, for the legalization of the manufacture and sale of beer; and especially that he has allowed the White House to be used to advertise the beer business much to the discredit of his administration and much to the pain and sorrow of a large element, we believe a majority, of American citizens.--Resolutions, Washington, D.C. - 1933
We declare afresh our unalterable opposition to the whole liquor traffic, whisky, beer, and wine, and to the license system by which this most blighting and corrupting traffic fastened upon our body social and body politic.
2. We stand unalterable for total abstinence on the part of the individual and for prohibition by the government, local, State, and National, and that we declare relentless war upon the liquor traffic, both legal and illegal, until it shall be banished.--Resolution On The Liquor Situation Richmond, Virginia - 1938
In 1950 the Southern Baptist Conventioned issued this recommendation which goal is to ELIMINATE "beverage alcohol"
 1. We recommend that our churches and associations of churches continue and strengthen their support of local state leaders in their temperance activities. We recommend that our efforts in the several states be intensified to achieve the legal elimination of beverage alcohol through local option elections and statewide referenda.--May 1950,CONCERNING BEVERAGE ALCOHOL AND GAMBLING,
In 1983 the Southern Baptist Convention stated their opposition to alcohol as a drink
Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That we, the messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention assembled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 14-16, 1983, declare again our steadfast opposition to the use of alcoholic drinks as a beverage;-Resolution on Alcohol June 1983,
In 2006 they again affirmed their rejection of alcohol
RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina, June 13-14, 2006, express our total opposition to the manufacturing, advertising, distributing, and consuming of alcoholic beverages;-June 2006, ON ALCOHOL USE IN AMERICA
As we can see, the claim the Southern Baptist Convention does not forbid drinking alcohol is FALSE, based on the statements of the Southern Baptist convention since the late 19th century. The idea that in this matter that every congregation is independent is even more absurd since the Convention pushes to outlaw the drinking of alcohol in the nation--a law that would affect both those in the SBC and outside of it--essentially forcing any SBC member who believes drinking is not wrong to stop drinking under force of secular law.


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