Friday, October 4, 2013

Sick Mind of Matt Slick of

Debating with Matt Slick again about Mary, by the way-- he still has not addressed my video against him. He got mad when I showed the semantic domain of the word "eos o" (see the article below on eos o) that is-- "until" in Matthew 1:25, he said "that's typical of cults" then he insisted "there it DOES mean Mary had sex in Matthew 1" despite there being no evidence for that! I insisted it was his PERSONAL interpretation and he insisted, I was wrong, giving no reason besides he says I am. Then Matt Slick said on microphone:
  "Listen! Mary had sex and she liked! She had an orgasm."
At which point I left the chatroom which he was admining in. This occurred at night October 3, 2013 in the anti-Catholic room whose title is roughly "is there salvation in Roman Catholicism" owned by a man named Fitzy.

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