Saturday, June 28, 2014

SBC FAQ, Autonomous nature, official stance

Looking at the SBC's official website you can go through several topics, some of them significant and you will see the SBC has no view on the matter, and the ones they do have official stances on they remind you they are NON-binding resolutions, despite some of the resolutions advocate the change of governmental laws, despite the SBC stating it strongly adheres to the separation of church and state.

The only issue they seem to take a dogmatic stance on is homosexuality--you cannot endorse it, so as long as you financially support the SBC and are against homosexuality--you can probably be a member, in addition to a fairly vague statement of faith, which they do not believe is a test for fellowship.

Notice they also distance themselves from Fred Phelps without mentioning he used to be part of the SBC as this article shows he was ordained in an SBC church long ago:
Phelps grew up in Meridian, Miss., and was groomed to attend the US Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., but he abandoned those plans soon after he attended a tent revival in the summer of 1947 and heard the calling to preach. That same year, while still a teenager, he was ordained a Southern Baptist minister and moved to Cleveland, Tenn., to attend Bob Jones University.


  1. Are you starting to do YouTube movies along with your articles?

    1. Actually, I've been doing that for a while now! Just lately I've started it back up. Sometimes I get more of an audience on youtube.