Sunday, December 28, 2014

This is a great article written on an Adventist website that explains why Adventists (Seventh-Day Adventists) are gullible and obsessed with conspiracy theories.

A portion reads

So why are Adventists attracted to conspiracy theories? The ones most attractive to Seventh-day Adventists involve religion, especially the subject of Last Day Events. If the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy writings give some details, they want more. But curiosity can be a very dangerous element. Adventists are especially vulnerable to theories of a New World Order because they want so badly to see any signs that might confirm their belief that Jesus is coming very soon and the dreaded Mark of the Beast is just around the corner. In my view people believe in New World Order because it is what people with their “itching ears” want to hear.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Why Catholics cannot be Scientologists

Scientology is a very deceptive "religion", especially to potential converts.  So as to ease the conversion process, they will inform you that can you keep your current religion and also join the Scientologist "religion."

Recently, I went to a Scientology tour and the guide informed me that there is a Baptist minister who was a Scientologist. This is obviously to make adopting Scientology seem harmless with no risks. I should mention that the minister they mentioned they claimed was somewhere around south Los Angeles (Compton I think), and just like many churches in Los Angeles they may have liberal leanings, just as there is a Baptist church in LA that's part of the Southern Baptist Convention that has recently adopted a stance in support of homosexual marriage. The Scientologist also informed me of Jews that practice Judaism and are Scientologist--which makes it very unlikely they are Orthodox Jews. However, all of this is just deception by Scientology.

Scientology is more associated with far eastern philosophy, if we should call it that, than any form of religion, Scientology books even admits to their Far East origin in "Church" writings. Scientology insists make does have a spirit, but practically ignores the concept of god, though they insist there is a god or something similar. It perhaps can best be described as a self help cult. The IRS fought the Church of Scientology tooth and nail to try to deny it tax exempt status as a religion and church, but eventually gave up. Some speculate because the government could not afford all the lawsuits and it would tie up resources.

There is an alleged report online where the Church of Scientology answers questions from the IRS saying they expect members to only follow Scientology scriptures to the exclusion of others.

Scientology believes in reincarnation, which is contrary to Christianity, in fact higher level Scientologists have to sign a Billion year contract, meaning they agree that when they die and reincarnate into another body will continue their work to advance scientology.

According to L Ron Hubbard's own son, L Ron Hubbard Jr (who renamed himself Ron DeWolf) said his father and Scientology was involved in black magic, the occult and Satanism. Watch the interview here, the black magic discussion starts at around 3:10.
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