Wednesday, March 8, 2017

UFO religions and Scientology

Very little of Hubbard's "religion" is original--not surprising. Though perhaps incorporating psychology into a religion was new at the time, others certainly have done this since.  UFO religions were popular in the 1950's even before that there were a number of UFO cults in the 20's. Even a century earlier religious prophets like Swedenborg, Young, White were incorporating and claiming knowledge of extraterrestrial life. People were telling stories of people living on the Moon and the Sun, visiting planets in the solar system if not beyond, claiming Biblical characters lived there, since at this point much of the world had already been discovered--destroying the idea that there exists a secret, hidden, garden of Eden where people like Enoch and Elijah would live. Even some medieval philosophers were censured by the Church for rambling about people in other worlds. The Babylonian Talmud about the year AD400-600 offers the possibly explanation for a verse in Judges explaining people the star (or planet) Meroz were cursed for not coming to aid in a battle.