Saturday, March 3, 2012

Before the 7th Day Adventists said Jesus is Michael-Baptists did

Today, there are only two prominent Protestant sects that claim Jesus is Michael--the Jehovah Witness and the Seventh Day Adventists.  The JW's seeming to have had their beginnings in the SDA.  Concerning their Jesus is Michael doctrine, I first got informed of this from reading an article on articulifidei about a years ago. I have found more on Baptists teaching this.  In fact, Miller, who was a forerunner to the Adventists and really started the whole End of the World craze--was a Baptist and published his stuff in Baptist magazines. But anyway, here is the writings of a 18th century Reformed Baptist commentary, John Gill, of course reformed is just fancy talk for Calvinist (as it tends to be), the only real difference between a reformed baptist and a Calvinist is a reformed baptist tends to reject infant baptism. Anyway, John Gill, long before the Seventh Day Adventists and their barell of heresies, conspiracy theories, slander and misinformation said this:

Michael and his angels fought against the dragon:
by whom is meant not a created angel, with whom his name does not agree, it signifying "who is as God"; nor does it appear that there is anyone created angel that presides over the rest, and has them at his command; though the Jews seem to imagine as if the angels were ranged under several heads and governors, of whom they make Michael to be one; --John Gill's Exposition of the Bible, Revelation 12:7

And at that time shall Michael stand up
The Archangel, who has all the angels of heaven under him, and at his command, the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ; who is as God, as the name signifies, truly and really God, and equal in nature, power, and glory, to his divine Father: "he shall stand up"; which is not to be understood of his incarnation, or manifestation in the flesh, for this refers to times long after that; yet neither of his personal appearance in the clouds of heaven, and standing upon the earth in the latter day; but of his spiritual presence among his people, and protection of them, and continuance with them: this respects the spiritual reigns of Christ, the Lamb's standing upon Mount Zion, and the 144,000 with him, ( Revelation 14:1 ) , and this will be at that time, when the eastern antichrist, the Turk, will be destroyed; for the words are closely connected with the last verse of the preceding chapter; and when also the western antichrist, the pope of Rome, will come to his end; for, as they rose, so they will fall, much about the same time; and then Christ will rise and stand up, as the glorious Head of the church, and as a triumphant Conqueror over all his enemies, and take to himself his great power, and reign, and that kingdom which of right belongs to him. The great Prince which standeth for the children of thy people;-John Gill's Exposition of the Bible, Daniel 12:1

Ofcourse, Gill could not end his heresies with his belief in limited atonement, or confusing an Archangel for the Lord, he had to also claim the Pope is the antichrist (of the west). 

We also see another Calvinist work--the Genevah study bible calling Michael Jesus/God:
(i) Even though God could by one angel destroy all the world, yet to assure his children of his love he sends forth double power, even Michael, that is, Christ Jesus the head of angels.--Daniel 10:13 Geneva study bible

Regardless, Calvinists and Baptists tend to have an adverse reaction when show this doctrine was taught by a Reformed Calvinist long before people like Ellen G White or Charles Russell.