Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Calvinist Commentary to Jesus Loves the Little Children song

Jesus loves the little children
Jesus loves the little children....these children He loves, as they have been arbitrarily predestined to be loveable, other children are loathed as they are "vessels of wrath" that were made unlovable so God can smite them as to as show His Glory. See the "Jesus loathes the little children" hymn to see his view of reprobate children, who he predestined to wrath (also known as Arminian children).
little...he does not love big children--only little children, and only elect little children. Thus proving doctrine of "sola littla" (not to be confused with solO littla, the distinctive between which only we Calvinists can pretend to understand)
All the children of the world
All childen...that is all kinds of children, as the next verse proves, certainly not all as all are not the elect.
of the world...world in context is the elect.
Black and yellow, red and white
Black and yellow, red and white...again these are kinds of children, Note colors like blue, purple, brown children are omitted, proving he does not literally love all children. This too disproves freewill since no one can choose to be black, yellow, red or white.
red and white...that is Swiss Calvinist children, as red and white are the colors of the Swiss flag, the country that the Prophet Calvin, peace be upon him, sought refuge from non-Calvinist heretics.
They're all precious in His sight
precious in His sight...they are only precious because of an alien imputed righteousness that was transferred on them by irrestable grace. Because of this imputation their total depravity is hidden. They were ordained in advanced to be "precious in His sight," not by works, but by an arbitrary holy Decree.   
precious...A legal term. Archaelogical evidence has uncovered ancient tax receipts which are stamped at the bottom "precious" which carries the meaning "paid in full."
They're all precious in His sight...For the Jesus loathes the little children hymn switch these words to "They're all totally depraved in His sight"
Jesus loves the little children of the world
Jesus loves the little children....see note on verse 1. This is repeated to show his hatred to the non elect, reprobate, tall children of the world
little children...they are little because they were ordained to be such in advance, thus disproving freewill since no one can cause himself to be tall by free will.
of the world...world in context is the elect.

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