Sunday, July 27, 2014

Buddhist Hell!

Buddhism is often prayed as a hippie, progressive religion for people that vegetarians that wear sandals. It is interesting that Buddhists do have a concept of a fiery Hell, wherein the punishments of it are described make Jewish and Christian descriptions of hell look like bed time stories for small children.

The description in the article make it out to be levels of torment based on merits done it life, they note unlike Christian hell its not eternal--however, its lists punishments including being in a freezing, cracking state of disembowelment to being thrown in an oven for a mere 3 quintillion years, 3.39738624×1018 years--that's not taking into account there is reincarnation which probably means another chance of hell after a few years of life.

Buddhism's view of vegetarianism is not straight forward

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