Thursday, June 22, 2017

Anti-Christ's comparisons to Christ

Here is a sort list of comparisons between Christ and anti-Christ(s).

Christ's death location: Jerusalem, or near the border of it on a hill.
Judas's death location: Jerusalem, or near the border of it, possibly on a hill.

Christ's death: Death by "hanging on a tree" (crucifixion).
Judas's death:  Death by hanging.

Christ's death: Opened up side, gushing water and blood
Judas's death: Opened up waist, gushing blood (and internal organs)

Christ's position: Son of the Father.
Barabba(s) name meaning: bar abba--son of the father.

Christ's name: Jesus.
Barabbas' name in some texts: Jesus.

Charge against Jesus: Revolutionary.
Charge against Barabbas: Revolutionary (and murderer).

Garment color worn by Christ at his death: Scarlet and Violet. (Matthew 27:28, Mark 15:17)
Garments color worn by the whore of Babylon: Scarlet and Violet. (Revelation 17:4, 18:16)

Title of Christ: Head of the Kings of the Earth, King of Kings (Revelation 1:5)
Title of Whore of Babylon: Reigns over the kings of the earth (Revelation 17:18)

State at death of Christ: Stripped naked.
State at death of the Whore of Babylon: Stripped naked.

Attitude of the Beast to Christ: Hatred.
Attitude of the Beast to the Whore of Babylon: Hatred.

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