Friday, July 12, 2013

On the Extremely long life spans in Genesis

For a while I was confused and uncertain if it was even possible to understand the extremely long lifespans the book of Genesis presents, as my pdf on this shows, I thought it might be symbolic, or something I did not know about, perhaps in the years was different. Then I saw a news article about a man that caught a 200 year old rock fish in Alaska, which got me to looking at animal lifespans, among which I found this fascinating Wikipedia article that discusses the extreme lifespans of plants and animals. Since humans are animals, it mentions how there is the immortal jellyfish which can revert itself to youth after reaching puberty, through transdifferentiation, making the cells totipotent after differentiation takes place--which does not happen in humans. But, putting that aside, there was one mention of a high mammal with an extreme lifespan that has no been witnessed in modern history--like the Bowhead Whale that was estimated to be 211 years old--granted it lives in the Arctic with just about no predators, nonetheless the lifespan is amazing for a mammal that size. 
Bada found that most of the adult whales were between 20 and 60 years old when they died, but five males were much older. One was 91, one was 135, one 159, one 172, and the oldest whale was 211 years old at the time of its death. That whale, alive during the term of President Clinton, was also gliding slowly and gracefully through the Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort seas when Thomas Jefferson was

The oldest human being in recent history died at 122 and a half years old-- Jeanne Calment. This certainly puts to rest the claim some people make about Genesis 5 setting man's lifespan to a maximum of 120 years! (It was actually the amount of time humanity had to clean up its act before the Flood).

Anyway, if we can find a whale that's 211 years old, and that's just the one we found, what's to say it was not possible for a human being to live well passed 122 years old, considering how much smaller humans are than whales!?

Addendum: Scientists discover Greenland sharks live approximately 400 years.

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